Monday, March 18, 2024

Mammoth Cross Country Skiiing Weekend

After getting canceled last year due to excessive snow, we finally got up to Mammoth for a XC skiing weekend.  The drive up was uneventful and we checked into the Tamarack Lodge.  The weather was nice so we did a snowshoe hike up to the top of Panorama Dome which had great views even with the low clouds.  The lodge restaurant was booked so we headed over to the Mammoth Tavern for a nice dinner.
The next day, we had our XC lesson.  The instructor was very patient and had Jyoti up and skiing.  After lunch, we skied around the groomed trails.  For dinner, we had a cheese plate in the fun and cozy lodge bar.  We went to bed early since we were worn out.  The next morning, we go up early and headed out.  We made a stop in Randsburg which was very cool.

Panorama Dome summit

Learning to ski

Hitting the trails

Downtown Randsburg

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