Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Not Death Valley 2023 Jeep Trip

Due to the closures in Death Valley, this year's trip was done farther north in and around the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

Day 1 started in Bridgeport and we headed up into the mountains.  The scenery was great with lots of golden-leaved aspens.  Lots of water crossings as well.  The "high point" was Mt. Patterson, the highest point in California that you can drive to. We camped at Belfort ghost town where I did some exploring amongst the old mining camp.

Belfort sunset

Line up in Bridgeport

Lobdell Lake

Trail up Mount Patterson

Atop Mount Patterson

Belfort ghost town

Camping out of the jeep

On Day 2 we headed downhill in great terrain and then into Sweetwater ranch.  After a short drive along NV 338 we got back on trail headed west. We met up with Desert Creek and stopped for a great spot for lunch.  We then headed along the creek, crossing it a few times until we reached camp at the old NF campground.

Great views

Lunch along Desert Creek

Camping along Desert Creek

We started Day 3 by continuing along the creek and reaching NV 338 again.  After heading south on the pavement, we turned off at East Walker River. From there we headed mostly south through the Masonic mining district until we hit the Bodie ghost town and had lunch.  Our planned route from Bodie was closed so we continued south to CA 167 at Mono Lake.  There was quite a bit of pavement miles back into Nevada and turned off at Rattlesnake Flat. We headed through the Excelsior Mountains and made camp in a great spot.  That night was windy and a bit rainy.

Lining up near NV 338

Views of the Sweetwater Mountains

Masonic mining district

Backside of Masonic Mountain


Long straight empty highway

Camp in the Excelsior Mountains

On Day 4, we headed south and stopped at Cow Camp and then into Tells Marsh and stopped at the old Marietta ghost town.  From there we headed mainly east through the Burro reserve until we got to NV 360 we were finally aired up our tires.  From there, I made the 8 hour drive home.

Heading out of the canyon

Cow camp

"Wild" burros

Marietta ghost town

Friday, October 13, 2023

Not my UCLA (updated)

This is not the UCLA I attended.  Disgraceful.

Here is a recent commentary on the event.  The sources don't really sound like they were at the actual event but there is some clarification.

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Orosco Ridge Jeep Trail

I took a few hours and hit a local San Diego trail, Orosco Ridge.  It was a nice trail with great views, Pamo Valley is a literal hidden gem in the county.

Overlooking Pamo Valley

Looking to the West

Another great view