Saturday, November 25, 2023

Thanksgiving Desert Jeep Trip

For Thanksgiving weekend, Jo and I headed into the desert for a planned overnight jeep trip.  We headed into Borrego Springs and made a stop at the visitor center and enjoyed the nice nature walk there.  Then we hit Font's Point which has spectacular views.  Next, we headed up Coyote Canyon.  The road was in better shape than I expected and people were already setting up camp along the road and creek.  However, we were blocked at the gate.  The gate is normally closed during summer months to protect the habitat for bighorn sheep; but it should be opened by now.  We parked at the gate and started hiking in to check it out.  It was evident right away that the road was gone as the creek now flowed strongly where the road used to be.  It seems the recent storms rechanneled the stream away from its normal course at 3rd crossing which is now dry.  Heading farther in, the road up the to the next valley was severely eroded and mostly unpassable to cars.  I don't see this road being opened up anytime soon, if ever, especially given the way the state parks runs its business.  Anyway we turned back and hit Inspiration Canyon which was awesome and decided to head home since it was getting cold and windy.  On the way out, we hit Old Culp Valley Road which was very lush.

At Font's Point

Overlooking Borrego Badlands

Creek running through Coyote Canyon road

Eroded Coyote Canyon road

Hiking into Collins Valley

Green desert!

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Atlanta Fall Visit

Jo and I had a great time in Atlanta visiting relatives.