Monday, December 28, 2015

Granite Mt. Hike

With everything else going on, I don't get out with the Sierra Club as much as I would like.  But I carved out a day to do a hike I hadn't done before, Granite Mt.  It was around 30 degrees when we started at the trailhead near Shelter Valley.  But we quickly heated up as we left the wash and started climbing the first ridge.  From there it got steeper and rockier as we scrambled up another couple thousand feet of elevation.  The summit was quite windy and chilly.  We hunkered down a bit below to eat a snack and rest up.  Going down was often harder due to the slippery sand.  It was a great hike in great weather!  You can see my track here.

From the summit

Tree near the peak

Summit survey marker

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Organized Local Thieves

Some local bandits were apparently into personal organization.  I hope they weren't in a gun-free zone.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Urban Backpack and Beach Camp

We usually don't do an overnight in December but I decided to squeeze an easy on in so we headed over to South Carlsbad State Beach for an urban backpack.  We were luck and avoided the rain before and after the weekend.  I made dinner for the troop on Saturday night but had an small accident when the patrol box tipped over while I was boiling water.  Nothing too bad just some first degree burns on my nose where the water splashed on me.  Overall, it was a fun short trip.

Urban backpacking along coast highway

Camping along the bluffs