Monday, February 19, 2007

Mexican Moving Vans

Living close to the border, I often witness the wonders of the Mexican Moving Van. For the uninformed, an MMV is a steel frame built up around a pickup truck. Kind of like a carpenters pickup with the over-the-cab rack just a lot higher and longer. The owners then pack them to the rafters with stuff. It is amazing that these things can even move much less travel the freeways. I saw the mother of all MMV's on the way down from Orange County Sunday night. This one was not hauling a household of goods like they normally do, but rather had a single cargo: mattresses. Lots of mattresses. Think of your normal MMV loaded to the hilt, then throw on a few dozen mattresses. There were some decent winds on the freeway that night and I still can't figure out how that thing didn't tip over. My wife thought they were using ballast in the truck bed. I hope the poor guy didn't get rained on or he would have soaked up a few tons of water.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dogs Are Like Flies

As a previous post detailed, we are having a problem with our dog pooping on the floor, usually on the carpet where it is the hardest to clean up. A friend gave us a good trick to try. She only feeds are dog once a day, in the morning. Then she walks the dog, it poops, then nothing until the next day. Apparently, dogs are like flies. When something comes in the front end, something has to move out the back to make room. We were leaving Sophie's dish out all night. She would wander in for a midnight snack, then nature took its course. This trick has worked so far and has saved her from a one-way ticket to the Helen Woodward center.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bad Week

Its been a rough start to the week so far.
* Woke up sick the the flu that everyone seems to have
* Dog crapped on the hallway carpet
* I stepped in said crap
* Work is piling up due to sick days
* Strained a muscle in the back of my rib cage