Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Colorado River Trek

We had our bi-annual Colorado River canoe trek this past weekend.  We did the Reverse Needles Topok Gorge itinerary in order to make the return drive a little earlier in the day.  I got to Park Moabi before everyone else and grabbed a spot.  The campground was much more crowded than last time, maybe work is getting out about Veterans Day canoeing.  The float through the gorge was awesome.  We made a stop this time at the sand dunes which was very cool.  We also found some caves near Castle Rock that we could canoe into.  After the drive back to camp, we had a great burger and corncob dinner.
The Sunday float out of Needles was fun but a bit tedious.  It was nice to finish early and get back home in time for dinner though.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Birthday Weekend

  • Great dinner at Tripel in Playa Del Rey with parents and the family (including Jaya).
  • Mark's group went on the Agua Tibia loop.  It was a brutal 24 mile, 4500 foot gain slog.  Great views were had from the top ridge but the price was high.  A couple of us tried to get to Eagle Crag but could not the way up from the trail as it was super steep.