Monday, September 27, 2021

Mount Laguna Overnighter

 Originally planned as a scout event, I did a overnight up at Burnt Rancheria in the Lagunas.  Traffic getting there was the worst I have seen in a long time so I got there in the dark.  I set up camp right before it started drizzling; nothing too bad but enough to get in the tent after a quick dinner.  I woke up to hit the trail right after making some coffee.  My plan was to head up the PCT and hit Monument Peak, then see how I felt and plan the return to camp.

The hike to Monument Peak was great.  Although smoke and haze ruined the views to the desert; you could barely see Whale Peak.  After Monument, I headed over the Hays Peak.  My knee was feeling pretty good so I decided to take a circular route back via the lagunas.  The "trail" down from Hays was steep and overgrown but thankfully short.  From there I headed across Sunset Highway into the closed Horse Heaven camp.  I stopped for a bathroom break in the southeast part of Laguna campground and headed out into the meadows.  At one of the junctions, I decided to head back since I didn't want to push my knee too hard.  I headed up the trail to Red Roost and then back into Burnt Rancheria.  It was about 11 miles overall with great weather.

Smoke and haze over the desert

Hays Peak from Monument Peak

Along the trail

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Veterans Day Weekend Activities

Jo and I made the most of the long weekend.

We had pistol day at the range.


Small pistol lineup

Then had a nice hot hike at Tecolote Canyon.


Tecolote Canyon trail map

Made the drive up to Raahauges for sporting clays.


Those clays are tricky!

I won a glider flight at last year's SDIC auction and we finally got that chance to go.  It was a warm day driving out to Skysailing at Warner Springs and we thought it would be too hot.  After we signed up and waited a bit for the pilot, Bill.  We both squeezed into the small rear seat, Bill sat in the front and they hooked up the tow.  We quickly left the ground as the tow plane dragged us higher.  After a few minutes, the rope broke.  But Bill was able to find a thermal at the base of the Palomars that lifted us another few thousand feet.  We then flew near Hot Springs Mt.  It was around this time that I got sick.  After a bit more flying, we headed quickly in for a landing.  It was great time and worth the airsickness.

Getting the glider ready

Tight fit in the back seat