Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Activities

  • Plenty of beach time - water is still warm
  • Safari Park - loved the new Lemur Walk exhibit
  • Hike with the kids and Sophie in the La Costa Preserve - dusty but nice views
  • Dart practice after a long layoff

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ray Dolby RIP

The biggest name in audio recently passed away. His LA Times obitiuary has a very interesting section on how even young people, motivated and with imagination, can make great impacts in science and business.
While still in high school, he started working for the ground-breaking Ampex Corp. in Redwood City that made audio tape recorders and was developing new uses for magnetic tape. "I made a deal with my high school," Dolby said. "I was so far ahead in my credits that I didn't have to worry about getting into college, so I went to school three hours a day and worked five at Ampex."
He worked at the company with Charlie Ginsburg, who headed a small team that developed the first broadcast-quality videotape recorder, according to an MIT profile. Ginsburg, who died in 1992, said in a 1988 Times interview that Dolby played a vital role.
"I'd say that Ray essentially was the inventor of that whole system," Ginsburg said. "He had virtually no formal education then, no college, but he was already an outstanding inventory."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cibbets Flat Recon Hike

I have started to compile a list of good places to take the Scout troop backpacking in the local backcountry.  San Diego is challenging to find good weekend or multi-day hikes because of the water situation and lack of long trails.  The PCT is one obvious option, but for young scouts it is too much; it is also logistically challenging.  We have had good trips in the Cuyamacas going to Granite Springs and Arroyo Seco.  But I want to find some other options.
My first recon hike was the PCT between Boulder Oaks campground and Cibbets Flats campground.  It turns out be 7.5 miles each way with a 1300' elevation gain.  Pretty good for experienced scouts.  One option for beginners would be to start the junction with Kitchen Creek Road about halfway.  The trail is in good shape.  There is little shade so in hot weather is quite miserable.  Water is only found reliably at the endpoints.  Although Kitchen Creek had some tepid pools, they are difficult to reach and for survival purposes only.
Full intel on my hike can be found at Trimble Outdoors here.