Monday, March 11, 2024

Ham Shack

I have been doing a lot of radio stuff lately.  Mostly in the field but doing configuration and testing in my shack.  Thought it would be nice to highlight my home station.
My primary home rig is an Alinco DX-8R. It is a nice, fairly easy to use HF 100W transceiver.  I can use in digital modes as well with some special cables.  I bought it used from a retiring ham and got a nice Alinco power supply with it.  With power poles everywhere, I can power all my stuff very easily.
I have been doing lots of emcomm operations, so have my Yaesu FT-817 and QRLabs QDX going as well.  Also been operating various rugged computers and tablets, like the CF-20 pictured below.
The primary antenna I use at home is a Wolf River vertical coil.  I have various coils and whips to go to 80M.  Living in a condo, I have a small space so the vertical is very handy.  I can get a dipole up sometimes but it will go out into the sidewalk.

Ham shack

Wolf River coil

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