Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Philmont 2017

The troop had an awesome time at Philmont as Crew 718-G!
We stayed the following camps:
  • Minnette Meadows - very nice low altitude trail camp
  • Cimorroncito - I finally tried rock climbing and rappelling
  • Cyphers Mine - my second favorite camp with the mine challenge, blacksmithing and Stomp!
  • Mt. Philips - hailed like snow
  • Cherokee Creek - trail camp with a steep climb from the river
  • Apache Springs - sweat lodges were great
  • Fish Camp - loved the lodge
  • Abreu - they let us sleep under the pavilion due to rain
  • Stockade Ridge - nice jumping off point for the Tooth of Time
We had rain most of the last 8 days of the trek.  Sometimes it was heavy but our crew did great.  They all had effective rain gear and knew how to deal with the weather.
Can't wait to go back again!

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