Monday, July 10, 2017

Leaving Northrop Grumman

After 15 plus years, I recently left Northrop Grumman.  It was certainly a sad transition but it was for the better.
NG was a great phase in my life and I highly recommended the company.  Long story... in mid 2001, I was laid off during the dot-com crash.  My family and I were living in Scottsdale at the time and I looked around for another software gig but there was nothing happening.  After a short while, my wife and I decided to move back to California.  Without a job, we drove along the coast looking for a place to call home.  We eventually settled on Encinitas and shortly thereafter I landed the job at NG.
Some of the many highlights that stand out in my memory:

  • My first project at NCTSI at Point Loma
  • Working on SRMT
  • Visiting SPAWAR Old Town
  • BACN first flight at MCAS Miramar
  • Moving to Spectrum offices
  • Participating in the company Toastmaster's club
  • Moving to Mission Valley office for a couple years
  • Being nominated for the Emerg1NG Leader program which was a life changer for me
  • Getting into Scrum
  • Flight test for SNP

Many thanks to all the folks I worked with over the years, especially Curtis E., my manager for 13 of those 15 years.
My new gig is with Georgia Tech Research Institute where I will be working on cyber projects.  It is an exciting new area for me and can't wait to get going.

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