Sunday, December 17, 2023

Time Team Drinking Game

Rules: during an episode of Time Team, take the listed number of drinks when the listed item is seen.

1 Drink

  • Phil's Daisy Duke's
  • Helen's Daisy Duke's
  • Raksha's laugh
  • Bridget's belly
  • Anyone's butt crack
  • Anyone's cleavage
  • Mick drinking wine
  • Francis making a wild ass guess that has no chance of holding to day three
  • Ian operating a digger
  • Stewart riding a bike
  • Matt volunteered for re-enactment duty
  • Tony hauling tea
2 Drinks
  • John Gator doing any sort of excavation
  • Victor speaking
  • Trench opened on the basis of a strong geophys anomaly that results in something modern
  • Robin smoking
3 Drinks
  • Mick drinking something other than wine
  • Carrenza's belly
Note these rules are based on the original series not the reboot.

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