Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Mount Laguna Offroading

I headed out to explore some trails in the Mount Laguna area.  Early morning, I drove out I8 to the Buckhead Springs rest stop.  From there, I headed on an out-and-back on Sheepshead Canyon Rd.  It was pretty rough in spots but had some great views to the south.  There were a couple folks camped at some nice spots.

Next, I took Old 80 to La Posta Rd and headed north.  This road was gravel and easy the first few miles as it passed National Forest and tribal lands.  The road was gated a few miles short of Sunrise Hwy and I took Fred Canyon Rd to the southeast.  This road has great views and camping spots as it descended to Kitchen Creek Rd.

From there, it was back along Old 80 to Pine Valley where I gassed up.  Then I took Pine Creek Rd north.  There was a side trip up Miners Road which was pretty rocky in spots but very nice as the creek was flowing.  Back on Pine Creek, it was easy going on the broken asphalt.  I stopped for lunch and coffee refill at a great viewpoint that overlooked Deer Park and east to Cuyamaca Rancho SP.  The remained drive up was uneventful.  Once at Sunrise Hwy, I took it south through the village and back home.

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