Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Dystopian Fiction

A bunch of dystopian/prepper/zombie/apocalyptic fiction series I have been reading over the past few years:
  • Going Home (aka Survivalist) by Angery American - first few books were great but then it got a bit repetitive
  • Charlie's Requiem by Walt Browning and Angery American - gritty parallel series to Going Home
  • 299 Days by Glen Tate - my favorite series and the most realistic since some of it has already started
  • Extinction Survival by Walt Browning - fun zombie series based in the San Diego area
  • Survivalist Series by Arthur Bradley - another zombie series that started great but ended up being repetitive
  • Off Gride Survivor by Connor McCoy - a decent EMP series
  • Patriot Dawn by Max Velocity - great two book tactically-focused series
  • 2050 by Phil M. Williams - fun, futuristic series on the conflict between authoritarianism and liberty
  • Apocalypse Revealed by Michael Zargona - good collapse story

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