Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sheep Canyon Backpacking

The troop headed out to the desert for a beginning level backpack to Sheep Canyon.  We drove out there Friday night and camped out at the cars a the gauging station along Coyote Creek.  In the morning, we packed up, ate breakfast and headed out.  The air temp was nice but the sun was pretty fierce so it made it a bit hotter than I thought.  But we made good time and was at the campground by lunch.  The scout did great hiking with just a bit of weariness.  But as soon as we got to camp, they had plenty of energy to clamber up the nearby mountains!
There were many more people in the area than in the past.  Mostly off-roaders with their truck tents.  We where the only hikers.  The stream had plenty of water but we had to go farther up the canyon to get to it.
Sunday morning, the scouts made fast work of the trail and we got to the cars and made it to Los Jilberto's in time for lunch!

Christmas Circle

Cowboy Camping

Desert Terrain

Desert Sky

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