Monday, October 13, 2014

T774 Burnt Rancheria

The first overnight event of the season for Troop 774 was up in the Lagunas. We headed up to Burnt Rancheria campground on Friday night. As we drove higher, the temperature got lower. The patrols scattered to their individual campsites and everyone setup camp. The night ended up being pretty cold as it got into the 40's. I brought Sophie and I think she was a bit cold.
The next day was filled with some skills work. We taught fire starting, wood tools and cooking. I led a hike along the nearby PCT to a overlook with great views of the desert to the east. One of the troop stoves wouldn't work, so we used a propane burner that I brought. Unfortunately we ran out of gas and I had to head to Laguna Mt. Sports and Supply to get more. That is a great little stored, jam-packed with gear. I also got a coffee at the nearby Pine House Cafe. After dinner, there was a great campfire and an early night for me
Sunday morning we broke camp and headed back into town.

Sophie loves camping and being in the tent.

Sophie covered her food with grass and dirt for some reason.

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