Thursday, October 30, 2014

Early Birthday Weekend

  • On Saturday, my parents came down with some early birthday pie!  We played Fluxx, then went to a family photo shoot at Terramar Beach.  I can't wait to see the results. Then we had lunch at Pizza Port Carlsbad.  It was a very fun day.
  • On Sunday Jyoti and I went to Balboa Park.  It was very crowded due to a Halloween event but we parked on the west side and had a nice walk over Cabrillo Bridge.  There was a UCLA alumni event where we met great people.  We also visited the Timkin Museum.  I loved the 60's vintage architecture along with the art.  I wanted to go to the San Diego History Center for the Pacific Powerhouse exhibit.  It was pretty interesting but had some odd errors in some of the photos and captions.  Lastly, we went to the Museum of Art's Gauguin to Warhol exhibit which was fantastic.

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