Monday, July 23, 2012

Primal Backpacking

Since I migrated to a fully Primal diet a few months ago, I found one of the biggest challenges was developing menus for the camping and backpacking.  To help out, I recently got a dehydrator and vacuum sealer to prepare and package my own meals.
I have been making batches and batches and of beef jerky.  I get Mendenhall beef from Whole Foods.  It is pastured, grass-fed, local meat, not to mention delicious.  I make different flavors depending on what I have around.  Jerky is a fabulous snack for my treks.
If I have extra veggies around, I have been dehydrating them as well.  They take quite a while to dry.  I have zucchini, bell pepper and onion so far.  I also have dried chicken breast and ground beef (both pre-cooked).  My plan is to make soups and stews using vegges and meat and some seasoning.
On my last trek, I took a stew with ground beef, veggies and some left over ramen mix.  It was pretty decent.  The key was the flavored oil from the ramen pack (I ditched the noodles).  For the veggies, the zucchini seemed tough and bland while the bell pepper was vibrant and very tasty.
I will continue to experiment with different ingredient and combos.

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