Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Man on the Bench

This is one of the most interesting but saddest stories I have read in a long time. I realize that stories like this happen all the time, they are rarely publicized or have a somewhat happy ending. It also raises many questions:
* What caused Jeff Pastorino to fall into such a mental illness that we couldn't function in society anymore? It didn't sound like he had any previous mental issues. Was it just a failed romance that caused him to snap?
* Why didn't his family look for him? You would think one of his brothers would try to track him down after a while. Maybe they did, but it wasn't mentioned in the story.
* What if someone you knew and loved disappeared one day?


Anonymous said...

I am Jeff's twin brother Chris and just came back from San Diego. Jeff was looked for in the early years and the one thing I learned on one of my last days there he never was on any public funds of any kind throughout his history of CA (which is over 20 years). He had no credit history, no known address and no roots except that corner. No one knows what happen really in Jeff's mind. One thing is certain the people of Point Loma took care of him and cared about him. He has died, but his memory will live in the minds and the hearts of all that knew him.
Chris Pastorino (chris71157@aol.com)

dosten said...

Thanks for the comments, Chris. I drove by the benches yesterday and there were many bouquets placed there.