Tuesday, May 02, 2023

HRCC Campout 2023

As a patron of HRCC, I was invited to their campout in the Ramona area.  We had an awesome time with all things ham radio.  Josh KI6NAZ had a very tall mast with a VHF antenna on top and EFHW stretched out; he also setup a Buddihex.  Adam K6ARK was trying out a 6m yagi that was very cool.  I was trying out a new Kelty Backcountry tarp off the back of my Jeep and operating my the FT-817 with a Wolf River coil.  I made a couple FT8 contacts but wasn't having much success otherwise.  It was pretty hot and dusty but all great time was had by all!

Adam setting up his large yagi

Morning clouds in the San Diego River valley

My jeep and Kelty tarp

My rig

Lots of RF going out

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