Sunday, October 09, 2022

Range Day with Milsurp

Jyoti and I headed to Pala Range to try out the milsurp rifles and zero in some new optics.  All the rifles worked great but my new scope malfunctioned when one of the turrets came loose.  Hopefully it is just a loose screw.

We got there half hour before opening and all the covered spots were taken :(  Also, there very few target stands past 100 yards.  Next time, I will get there earlier and bring some hasty wire stands.

I also bought some brass.  They have buckets that are somewhat sorted.  They let you sort through them but I didn't have time and just got a couple pounds of large rifle brass.  When I got home,  I sorted them and ended with a good supply of 30/06 and 308.  I also kept the 6.5 Creedmoor for future use.

Bench at Pala

Shooting the No. 4

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