Sunday, April 03, 2022

S24O Rockhouse Canyon Hike

One of my goals for the jeep was to reach trailheads to use for backpacking treks.  Following a guidebook, I headed out to Rockhouse Canyon at the base of the Santa Rosas.  Starting from Christmas Circle, I drove out of town and up a dirt road.  The road was pretty easy but had a few large rocks and ruts.

From the trailhead, I headed up the canyon.  It was really hot!  About halfway up, I came across a herd of bighorn sheep.  At the head of the canyon was my first waypoint, a set of rockhouses.  A took a break there for water and food.  Then I head up a wash to reach my intended destination.  After a few miles, the wash turned north but the dry waterfall was unpassable to due a boulder blocking the way. I didn't feel like tempting fate and headed back to the rockhouses to camp for the night.

It was a great night under the stars!  I woke up at dawn, packed up and headed back down the canyon.  The morning was cooler but I still ran out of water before getting back to the car.

It was a great hike and is worth another trip in cooler temps and taking a different route to avoid the waterfall.


View from the rock houses


Boulder blocking the route

Find the bighorn sheep

Dehydrated rabbit


Staging at Christmas Circle


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