Sunday, October 21, 2018

Canyon Sin Nombre and Mine Peak

Knocked off a couple more hikes in the desert.
Canyon Sin Nombre included some great slot canyons.  My route was to walk down the road, then up the big slot canyon and then back along the ridge.
"Afoot and Afield" did not describe the route for Mine Peak very well.  The text says to take up a use trail from "behind" the mine.  But behind really meant taking the curvy road up the side of the hill until it dead ends to a big pile of ore.  I thought "behind the mine" meant behind the main structure.  This led me a route that was east of the "trail" and was much steeper.  No worries though as I made it to the peak and the awesome views.
One the way home, I stopped by Red Feather in Ocotillo for a great burger, highly recommended!

Entrance to small slot canyon

Entrance to main slot canyon

View from Mine Peak to the east

View from Mine Peak to the north

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