Monday, February 27, 2017

Pinto Canyon Hike

I joined the hiking group for another desert trek into the far southeast corner of San Diego County (and into Imperial County as well).  We started at Mountain Springs right off the 8 just east of the Desert View Tower.  The storm was being stopped by the mountains but the high winds were pushing a lot of moisture east so we started hiking with our backs getting wet.  This hike almost all cross-country as we winded our way to a large wash that was our first landmark.  We hit the wash and started upstream.  There was plenty of water to soak all the palms in the canyon.  After a bit we entered a flatter area that lead into Myer's Valley.  We spotted a nice peak and decided to bag it.  As we climbed the ridge up, the winds were brutal.  It was a bit better staying below the ridgeline and we made the peak without too much effort.  After a quick lunch on top, we headed down Pinto Canyon.  Pinto Canyon had great rock formations reminiscent of Joshua Tree NP.  The goal was to find some pictographs but it was decided they would be too far so we turned around.  We followed a different wash to start the return leg but then merged with our inbound route back to car.  It was pretty cold and wet as we got near the car and the storm still looming in the mountains overhead.  Overall a great hike in a very unused area of the country.

Rainbow over Mountain Springs

Clouds in the desert

Goodie bag

Pinto Canyon

Blue sky

Rock meets palm tree


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