Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wrightwood Hiking

We had to cancel our troop outing up near Wrightwood due to logistics but I decided to drive up and check it out.  I headed up early in the morning and got to Wrightwood in just over 2 hours.  I stopped for coffee and headed to see the campsites.  Apple Tree and Peavine are pretty nice campgrounds and are good candidates for future outings.  I then headed up Angeles Crest Highway for some hiking.  I stopped at the Grassy Hollow Visitor Center and chatted with the cool volunteers for a while.  They warned against hiking Mt. Baden-Powell due to icy trails but gave me some great tips on some other hikes.  I drove to the trailhead (which was where the road was closed for winter) and started on the Vincent Gulch Trail down into the canyon.  I stopped at the cabin on the way down.  I hiked about 3 miles down to where the river was flowing pretty well.  At this point, the trail was hard to follow so I turned back for the long slog back up.  After some coffee at the car, I headed on the popular Big Horn Mine Trail.  This lead to the remains of a old mine.  There were lots of people and their subsequent trash but it was pretty cool anyway.  I had dinner back in Wrightwood.  Due to the lack of snow, things were pretty slow but it was fun.

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