Monday, March 02, 2015

Sheep Canyon 2015

T774 took another trip to wonderful Sheep Canyon.  After the long drive out to the trailhead, we set up camp for the night at the flood control station.  The night was windy but not too cold.
The morning was very nice, crisp but with some cloud cover to keep the heat down.  It was like that way pretty much all day as we hiked out to the canyon.  When we got there, there didn't look to be much water in the creek. But the creek was flowing nicely further upstream.  The scouts immediately took to the hills.  They love exploring the caves.  Some also went up the canyon to the "oasis."  Dinner for the senior patrol was awesome but the scouts are struggling a bit with backpacking cooking - something to work on.  The night ended with a nice campfire courtesy of a wax log hauled in by Roger.
There was some rain during the night but it was intermittent and not very hard.  When I woke up it was sprinkling but I figured it would blow out soon.  It didn't.  It got harder.  It took a while to get everyone packed and in rain gear and we started out in a steady downpour.  My rain gear got soaked through :(
We made it to the cars without problems, everyone was fairly dry.  Some folks drove directly back home, while some of us stopped for the traditional Mexican food lunch in Borrego Springs.

Sheep Canyon Trailhead

Intrepid Hikers

Towards the Oasis

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