Monday, June 17, 2013

Backpack mods

With a month left until my JMT trek, I made some modifications to my backpack based on my recent shakedown cruise.
  • I added padding to the shoulder straps.  The original design calls for stuffing extra socks into the straps.  I never liked that but the straps dug into my shoulders pretty good.  So I cut some strips from an old foam pad and inserted them into the hollow straps.
  • Along with the padding, I added a small sternum strap to relive some the pressure.  This is useful since I will be using poles and therefore couldn't make full use of the thumb straps.
  • Inspired by Stick's water bottle holders, I first added some daisy chains to the front of the shoulder straps.  I then made two of the bottle holders to attach to the loops.  This will allow better access to water, especially since I do not carry bladder tubes.
These mods add some weight but increase comfort immensely, which is a good tradeoff in my book.

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