Thursday, November 15, 2012

Colorado River Trek

This past weekend, Troop 774 took a canoe trek down the Colorado River.  I had taken canoe training with the council but had never been on the river.  Most of the others were new to it as well.  We had a skills training day earlier so everyone knew what to expect.
We headed up Friday evening.  I was the first one to arrive at the our base camp at Park Moabi.  After grabbing a camp site, the others slowly trickled in until late at night.
In the morning, the outfitters (Jerkwater) showed up with the canoes.  They gave us a safety and navigation briefing and we headed off to the departure point.  We put in at a park in Needles.  The idea was to canoe back to base camp today, then float the gorge on Sunday.  Bengt and I were in the point and the float down was great but uneventful.  The only drawback was the view.  The river is below grade for most of this section, so you can’t really see anything.  When we got to the entry for the Moabi, the wind was picking up and we had to drag the canoes back up to the camp from the shore.  We had an awesome dinner and campfire before everyone headed to bed.
Sunday morning, we got an early start so we could make our exit time.  Everyone was excited as we floated under the bridge and entered Topok Gorge.  The gorge had great scenery!  We made a rest stop on a sand bar then made a lunch stop at the petroglyphs.  Since we were in the point, we had to find the path through the reeds to get to Castle Rock.  It was harder than it sounds but we finally found it.  It was so narrow we could hardly paddle.  For the day, we got lucky since we had the wind at our backs and we got to Castle Rock early.  We called Jerkwater and they can and picked us up.
Before heading out on the long ride home, we had one snafu.  One dad lost his car keys.  Since it was a rental, he need to get a tow to Las Vegas and get a new car on Monday.  But I lent him my cell phone and we had plenty of food for them so it worked out great.
Can’t wait for the next trip out there.


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