Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Louis Vacation

We just had a wonderful vacation with my family at my brother's in St. Louis. My parents were also to able to be there.
Some of the highlights (pix to come later):
* Cahokia Mounds - it was snowing so we didn't get to hike around, but the mounds are one of America's least known wonders.
* Snow! - a nice 6" snowstorm.
* Good times with family! Including shoveling the driveway and helping my brother with his crown molding.
* Sister-in-law's photography studio - she graciously took some family photos and headshots for us.
* Jaya's 13th birthday (she is a teenager now)
* Trip to the range at the A. Busch Conservation Area Shooting Range - the boys fired some .22 pistol rounds. They also got to fire the 20 gauge but they didn't care for the kick.

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