Saturday, November 24, 2007

Washington D.C. Trip

Went to Washington D.C. for a week to see the sites.

  • Washington Monument - always awesome. We didn't have trouble getting tickets since we stopped by early in the day. Apparently there is a walking tour that shows off some of the interior; I will give that shot next time.

  • World War II Memorial - a bit underwhelming; it seems as though the designers went for quantity over quality. While deserving of a memorial, this detracts from the view from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument.

  • Lincoln Memorial - a classic.

  • Korean War Memorial - having never seen this, I really liked it. The statues were impressive.

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial - goes without saying.

  • Capitol Building - very worthwhile. Since we had to go through our Representative's office, we also got to visit his staff (although he was not there). Found out there is a staircase that leads up to the top of the Rotunda but is not open to the public. Make sure you find out about John Adams and how we use the acoustics in the original House chamber.

  • National Mall - must have walked the Mall several times getting to all the places.
  • White House - a difficult ticket to get and probably not worth taking little kids.

  • National Gallery - didn't even get to a quarter of it; plan on spending days to see everything.

  • National Portrait Gallery - unexpectedly nice.

  • American Art Museum - ditto.

  • Air and Space Museum - gets better all the time.

  • Hazy Air and Space Museum - still a work in progress, but the sheer volume of historic aircraft make it a winner; the SR-71 is worth the trip just by itself.

  • International Spy Museum - if you are interested in espionage, you can miss this. Don't expect much James Bond stuff, there is just a small homage to 007. The kids enjoyed it even though they didn't understand it.

  • National Archives - first time here. They are trying to make it more than just the Charters of Freedom by adding some additional exhibits. Well worth it even thought the Magna Carta is no longer there.

  • Natural History Museum - ours kids get to the San Diego version of this so this wasn't as big a deal to them.

  • Marine Corps War Memorial - much more impressive in person.

  • Flew in a helicopter (an R-22) with my uncle.

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Unknown said...

Looks like Osten family really enjoyed their visit to DC. Bengt gave his famous smile, i.e. he must have really enjoyed the trip. And Jaya is always happy when she goes out.
Bhaskar & Smita