Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mike Rowe

I love Mike Rowe.

Sheep Canyon Backpacking

The troop headed out to the desert for a beginning level backpack to Sheep Canyon.  We drove out there Friday night and camped out at the cars a the gauging station along Coyote Creek.  In the morning, we packed up, ate breakfast and headed out.  The air temp was nice but the sun was pretty fierce so it made it a bit hotter than I thought.  But we made good time and was at the campground by lunch.  The scout did great hiking with just a bit of weariness.  But as soon as we got to camp, they had plenty of energy to clamber up the nearby mountains!
There were many more people in the area than in the past.  Mostly off-roaders with their truck tents.  We where the only hikers.  The stream had plenty of water but we had to go farther up the canyon to get to it.
Sunday morning, the scouts made fast work of the trail and we got to the cars and made it to Los Jilberto's in time for lunch!

Christmas Circle

Cowboy Camping

Desert Terrain

Desert Sky

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Family Christmas

We spent Christmas in OC with my brother's family and had a great time!  Tons of fun:
  • Birthday dinner at Morton's Steakhouse - my mom reserved a banquet room for an awesome evening of steak
  • K1Speed - both Anaheim and Irvine tracks
  • Griffith Observatory - crazy traffic but we had dinner, then went around a roadblock and made it up there.  Still didn't have enough time to see everything so will have to go back.  Recommend nearby Mexico City restaurant and the Trails Cafe in Ferndell.
  • Games, Games Games: Hand in Foot, Yahtzee, Apples to Apples, Things, Say Anything, Ticket to Ride, Dominoes.  Codenames turned out to be a huge hit.  Chameleon was also played alot.
  • Worked on the Bradley GT2 - Kevin and I got dad's old Bradley GT2 running after nearly 30 years.  We rebuilt the rear brakes since the parking brake was left on and fused the drums.  Also replaced the master cylinder.  The engine only needed some oil and gas to get it going.  Lots to work left to get it street worthy but we were able to go around the block!
Sophie's stocking

K1 leaderboard

Everyone passing Jyoti

Griffith Observatory from the bottom of the hill

Griffith Observatory at night

Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year's Day In-Ko-Pah Hike

The hiking group headed to In-Ko-Pah for a great hike to border monument 261, Blue Angels Peak, along the border fence and back through the Valley of the Moon.

On the way to Blue Angels Peak

One of many interesting rock formations

Blue Angel Peak

Blue sky, brown dirt


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Backcountry Water Update

Red Hat retired their old version of Openshift and replaced it with the Kubernetes-based version 3.  However, they also took away some features in the free plan that I was using, such as cron jobs.
So I spent the last couple weeks doing the migration.
  • Replaced cron jobs with JEE batch jobs.  These are scheduled using JEE schedules.  Pretty cool.
  • I still need to add the custom domain forwarding (another feature in the paid plans that used to be free).  I am looking at cloudflare as a proxy.
  • The service is having problems deploying my app with storage.  I couldn't figure out the root cause so I made some services to reload the data when I deploy a new version.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Old School Computer Fix

I try to avoid household IT work these days but Bengt's computer had trouble with the latest Microsoft patch Tuesday.  The symptom was that it would start to the the "Automatic Recovery" screen then die (usually beeping incessantly).  The weird thing was that I couldn't get to the BIOS to try to boot to a USB.  I was just about to give up and take it to the local PC repair shop when I read the motherboard manual which reminded of the good ol' CMOS.  The manual displayed the pins required to reset the CMOS and after searching the garage for an jumper, the computer booted up!  Windows was able to finish the update and everything was peachy.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Signal Fires Are Dumb

Carry a mirror folks!  And mix in a map and compass and maybe learn how to use them.