Friday, March 20, 2020

Nikki Haley Has Guts

Too bad most of the other execs at Boeing won't have the guts like Haley to quit and admit they chose to enrich themselves and their buddies instead of making planes that can actually fly.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Fed Fraud

What is Fidelity hiding?

My company uses Fidelity for its 401K platform.  Along with a host of technical issues, they have decided that you can't handle seeing how much your account value has been crushed.

The "simplified" version normally shows your account performance.  Maybe they didn't want to be responsible for mass suicides.
Anyway, it is good I moved my stuff to cash awhile back.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Bin Laden Raid Air Operations

Cool War Zone article on the OBL raid with more details on the air operations. It would be nice to get the entire story someday, but we probably never will.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Climate Change Stance

I have been grappling with the climate change debate lately to try to sift through all the muck.  I found this article which sums up my current understanding pretty well.
It is written as a rebuttal to a rebuttal but does a good job of explaining the data as over long periods of time.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Winter Book Reading

Shelter Quiver

Following the lead of Paul Magnanti, I am doing a post on my quiver of camping shelters.

First up is our family tent, an Alps Mountaineering 5 person nylon cabin.  We don't camp as a family anymore, but this giant-sized tent might come in handy as base camp shelter.  It is a typical house tent but packs pretty small.

Next up is my one person tent, an Alps Mountaineering Mystique 1.  I call it the "coffin" due to its shape and small size, but I really like it.  For my size, I have plenty of room in it.  It is also quite weatherproof having used it rain and sleet without issue.  I don't take it backpacking anymore but use it on troop car camps often.

My "go to" shelter is my handcrafted Ray Jardine one person tarp.  I have taken this on most of my backpacking trips and absolutely love it.  It is very lightweight at barely over a pound.  I can also adjust the pitch to match the conditions.  The only drawback is entry and exit must be done at the ends which can be tight if the tarp is pitched low.  I have put this tarp through some pretty nasty storms in the Sierras so have no qualms using it on any 3 season trip.  I would like to try it in snow one day.

For Philmont 2017, I got a Tarptent MoTrail.  This is a very light weight (~2 lbs.) two person shelter.  It handled the rain and wind and Philmont very well and I use it often, especially on couples backpacks and scout backpacks.  I got the pole set with it since I don't use trekking poles.

For winter camping with the Specialist groups, I have been sharing a North Face 4-season tent.  But I have experimented with using a Go-Lite Shangri-La as well.  This tarp shelter has nicely sloped sides to shed snow.  It is very lightweight as well.  I sometimes use this on backpack treks to mix things up.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to the "green monster", a vintage canvas tent from my childhood.  This Sears behemoth was my family tent when I was growing up.  It is massive in both weight and volume. I got it patched and the zippers replaced and we used it as my family tent for a while.  It is quite easy to set up once you had practice.  The drawbacks were that it didn't handle wind very well and it took up a lot of space.

I would like to mention the REI Quarter Dome 2 I purchased in 2014.  I bought it for hiking the Kalalau Trail with my brother.  This is a great, lightweight backpacking tent.  2 adults are very cozy but for one it is very spacious.  I took this to Philmont in 2015 and loved it.  Unfortunately it was stolen from my car a few years ago.

Voice of Reason

Can we vote for this guy.